Ben Murray Bruce- ‘Nigeria will soon be isolated and this is why’

Ben Murray Bruce- ‘Nigeria will soon be isolated and this is why’

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The Senator representing Bayelsa East, Ben Murray Bruce has finally spoken on his Electric cars motion that was killed by his fellow Senators in the Senate Plenary last week.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce who is popularly known for his common sense speech expressed is disappoinment by the senators who do not see the future of the world and still base their thinking with the past.

Ben Murray Bruce said he is not just dissapointed that the Electric Cars bill was killed but he is amazed because they have failed to realise nobody can stop the future.

“Some people think that I might been disappointed that the senate killed my electric car Bill, I am not disappointed as much as I am amazed, you can’t stop the future.” He said.

“And let me tell you, Electric cars are the future, the reality in the world today is that electric cars will soon outsell regular cars. This will continue until these countries that depends on regular internal combustion cars will be isolated.”

“They will end up being people who still using video cassette recorders in a world of streaming Apps like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.” Ben Murray Bruce added.

He also drew an example from a fellow oil producing country like Norway who produces 2% of the world’s crude oil but has made a ban on sales of electric cars by 2025.

“Nigeria refuses to plan on this inevitability on this pretext that we are an oil producing nation. Norway is an oil producing country. Norway produces 2% of the world’s crude oil and 25% of the EU and LNG gas but beyond oil, Norway is a proactive nation with proactive leaders.”

“This is why Norway has set a deadline to ban the sale of regular petrol powered cars by 2025, this is why in March, 2019 Norway became the first nation on Earth where sales of Electric cars has overtaken sales of petrol cars. 50% of all cars sold in Norway are Electric Car.” Ben Murray Bruce said.

“Who wants to buy something that will be obsolete in 10 years. Electric cars are the future, any nation that refuses to see that will be stuck in the past.” He added.

He added that it is a failure of Nigeria leaders to shield the country from the future which is much pregnant with opportunities.

“It is a failure of leadership to shield itself from the future. Yesterday has no letter ‘O’ in it because there are no opportunities in the past. Tomorrow has three letter O’s because it is pregnant with opportunity.”

“As a great Physicist and scholar William C. Pollard said ‘The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.’ Nigeria is preparing for yesterday when should be preparing for tomorrow.” Murray Bruce added.

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