Breaking: Nigeria Police Force introduces Mobile App

Breaking: Nigeria Police Force introduces Mobile App

The Nigeria Police Force in a way to fight the act of criminality and kidnapping across the Federation has introduced the Police VGS Mobile Application for phones.

The Police Force gave the announcement on Saturday via their twitter account which they said though the application is not yet ready for use, it would soon be launched by the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed as soon as he certified it to be good.

“The Police VGS Mobile App is a work in progress.The App is not yet ready for use.It will be launched by the IGP when it is certified good for Nigerians and made available for use by the general public. The public will be informed as soon as it is ready for use.” The Police force gave.

Speaking with Heronationblog, our correspondence Mr Omo Ojo said this is nice platform by the Police and Nigerians will be looking forward to its launching.

“Nice platform,am sure Nigerians are going be looking forward to its launching, Good Job” He said.

Another of correspondence, Bukola Michael Nelson said the Police Force should also share what the application will serve which might help in getting more useful inputs.

“If possible, can you share what the Police VGS would serve us? Doing so might help you gather useful inputs that should go into developing the app before it goes live.” He said.

Our third correspondence, Chelly Olisa concerning the issue said he has already downloaded the App but he couldn’t finish the registration and he suggests the force pulls one down from Google Play store.

“This is good, I just downloaded it, but couldn’t finish the registration. Its kind of having issues. Why not pull down the one on Google Playstore. My suggestion though” He said.

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