#GameofThrones8: What viewers should expect in Episode 3 of season 8

#GameofThrones8: What viewers should expect in Episode 3 of season 8

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HBO premiere movie Game of Thrones has been one of film lovers favourite movie series for the past five years and the long awaited Season Finale (Season 8) is here.

It took fans all over the world two years to wait for this season and guess what? WINTER IS HERE

Fans are delighted to see none of the characters fallen so far in season 8 but was majorly because the battle we have been waiting for haven’t come and its finally here drawing from from Episode 2.

Episode 3 title has been revealed ‘The Battle of Winterfell’. This is the battle between the dead and the living. Heronationblog has gathered some predicted outcomes which mayprobably be the final episode of some favorite characters

FACTS: According to the movie makers it took them 55 nights to complete the filming of Season 8 E. 3.

Now let’s see the predicted outcomes at the Battle of Winterfell.

  1. Jon Snow: Revealed that he is not a bastard and his real name is Aegon Targaryen, the true Hier to the Iron Throne. This is not the first time fighting with the dead and has worked too hard in putting an end to the war against the army of the dead.
Prediction: Survive

2. Daenerys Targaryen: Known as the mother of dragons, bidding to revenge against those who killed her family and retain her lineage on the Iron Throne. Her mission is getting closer to accomplishment but she has been told Jon is the heir to the throne.

Prediction: Survive

3. Jamie Lannister: Committed too much Atrocities and started the conflict between the Starks and Lannister, commits incest with her sister Cersie and has entered into the fight by joining Jon Snow’s army in a way to honour his words despite Cersie’s refusal to offer armies from Kings Landing.

Prediction: Won’t Survive

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4. Arya Stark: Girl with many face. One of the strongest character of the series growing from childhood into maturity. On a mission to kill those involved in the death of her parents and brother. Fulfilled some in a sensational ways.

Prediction: Definitely not the time to go down; Survive

5. Theon Greyjoy: One of the Iron Born. Batrayed the Starks before and now doing all it takes to regain their trust. Gone through many rough waters though but he is real fighter and has always in a way survived. The Battle at Winterfell is before him and what should expect this time?

Prediction: Won’t survive

6. Night King: Not what fans love to see, the white walkers has been one of the intriguing character of the movie and what beholds him this time?.

Prediction: His end is now. Won’t Survive

7. Brienne of Tath: Newly honoured as Knight of the seven kingdoms. Always keep to her pledges, fights for honour but what may probably beholds her this time.

Prediction: Survive
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