Rape Scandal: Timi Dakolo’s wife narrates how COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo raped her (Watch Video)

Rape Scandal: Timi Dakolo’s wife narrates how COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo raped her (Watch Video)

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Busola Dakolo Wife of Popular Nigerian Vocalist, Timi Dakolo has revealed in an interview how she was raped by the General Supretendent of COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo years ago.

It would be recalled that barely a month ago, Timi Dakolo wrote on Instagram alleging how the COZA Pastor has raped or forcefully had sex with some female members of his church from the choir group to the congregation all over but didn’t give much details which he said would definitely be revealed very soon.

Busola Dakolo has alleged and narrated how she was victimized by the act saying it happened years back when she was a member of the choir and looked on Pastor Biodun with high esteem who she took as her spiritual father but she later turned into his sex slave.

She said:

“No mobile phone no GSM, I didn’t know, he came to my house, my house then was like the gate always opened, the living room is where you just knock the door and someone would come downstairs and open the door and this time my mum travelled with my younger sister.

“It was just myself and one of my elder sister that was at home. My house was a duplex, it’s so big that if you are in a room upstairs you won’t know what is happening downstairs.

“So I came down normally the way I come down, it was like 6:30 to 7, it was pretty early, I was still in my night wear, I was wearing a gown.

“I heard a knock, who is that! it was Pastor Biodun, I was first like I couldn’t say anything like what! this time but immediately I just opened the door, he just pushed me, he didn’t say anything, he didn’t alter any word, he just pushed me to one of the chairs in my living room.

“And I saw him, he was removing his belt, I was like what?, he just said keep quiet do what I want you to do and you will be fine.

“So at this point, really a whole lot was just going through my head because he was someone that I had put up here and thought he was really concerned about me, I had already filled him in the place of like a father that could speak to me, guide me and he was there to do something I couldn’t believe.

“And then when I was just like to react he just covered my mouth, when he covered my mouth he just said Busola listened to me and do what I want, he didn’t struggle, I just left him.

“I was wearing a night gown, I was wearing pant, he pulled down my pant, he found it difficulty to enter, I was like grunting, I would cry, I was just doing a whole lot of mixed things.

“He eventually penetrated, even blood dropped on the floor and at that point he finished what he wanted, he had an organsm. He left me there, I just sat on the floor and he went out .

“At this particular time, it looked like something that just happened, it looked like an event but a whole lot had damaged within me, I just don’t know how to define it, I mean a whole lot, he left a scar.

“What I saw is that he came back and brought krest (a drink) so he had opened it and he pored it in my mouth, I don’t know! he poured it my mouth and he was tapping me like; ‘you should be happy I did this to you’ and then he left but he said I should be happy he did this to me and it’s a man of God that did this to me, I should be happy that a man of God disvirgined me.”

So what you are saying now is that Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is a pastor then and has already set up COZA?


He was married already ?

“Yes his wife has given birth then to their first child very little baby”

And you were a member of the choir, he will like to be your spiritual father so based on that, he always visits you to talk to you, encourage you?


So one morning Biodun Fatoyinbo came to house, at dawn by 7am, you opened the door, he pushes you to the chair, he tells you to shut up and then he raped you?


As at the time of filing this report, there is yet to be a response from Biodun Fatoyinbo in a way to defend the allegation.

Watch interview video below:

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