Trouble in APC as National Deputy Chairman tells Oshiomhole to resign

Trouble in APC as National Deputy Chairman tells Oshiomhole to resign

The National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole has been asked to honourably resign from his position by his Deputy Senator Lawal Shuaibu.

Senator Shuaibu informed Adams Oshiomhole that he have added no value to the party, instead caused more damages.

This is coming days after Nigeria’s highest court, the Supreme Court gave a ruling against the All Progressives Congress Zamfara state chapter.

Shuaibu asked Oshiomhole to step aside from his position in order to give room for improvement in the damages done by him.

Adams Oshiomhole was elected into office as the National Chairman of APC in July, 2018 and has seen many ups and downs in his tenure which included the party not been able to settle its internal conflicts in some states and not been able to produce a substantial governorship candidate in Rivers and Zamfara State.

This was due to the manner at which the Party’s primaries was carried out in those states which many believed the National Chairman of the Party had some influence in a form of imposing Candidates for the State’s chapter of the Party.

Adams Oshiomhole was also blamed for killing the hopes and aspirations of APC members of these states.

In a letter dated 27th May, 2019 Senator Shuaibu has told his boss to take a honourable path of quitting his Job.


Senator Lawal Shuaibu wrote:

“I write this letter to you with very deep heart and high sense of responsibility.

“I write this letter thinking because I am a critical stakeholder in the APC project.

“I write this letter with my hands shaking arising from the realizing of myself being involved in a project that is currently seen as failing, even before achieving the ambition of its founding fathers. I never found myself in any failed project.

“In advanced democracies, people who fail to add value or build over and above what they met on assumption of duty show some civilized examples, they honourably bow out.

“In that connection, therefore, I want to advise you to take the path of honour, to step aside and allow the Party to embark on the onerous task of reconstruction and rehabilitation in those States it was weakened by the effect of manner (sic) the last primary election exercises were conducted or even the task of recreating the party where it is on the path of extinction, arising from the loss of a sitting APC Government, for example in Zamfara State, where you directly personally created the problem leading to the painful complete loss of APC’s electoral fortunes. From up to down, all these are uncontestable facts.

“You cannot exonerate yourself from blame on what happened to APC Zamfara State, thereby destroying the hopes and aspirations of 534,541 APC members and supporters.” He wrote.

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    Yes. The recent happenings in Zamfara State which culminated in the Supreme Court’s judgement against the State APC candidates’ elect is the consequence of imposition almost at all levels. The blame in my opinion should be jointly munched by all concerned rather than a particular individual.